127: I Just (Turned 60)! Now What? With Cat Valyi


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In this week’s episode, Cat Valyi joins me to talk about the shift into a new decade, specifically turning 60. Cat shares about her life, professional experience, and how she not only takes care of her health, but prioritizes it.

We talk about redefining retirement and aging. Instead of treating age as a countdown to retirement or an expiration date, we discuss the importance of remaining active and pursuing goals no matter how old you are, ultimately redefining aging.

Cat Valyi is the founder of CV Strategic Marketing Solutions and the co-founder of Women With Dynamic Purpose. Cat has over 30 years of experience as a B2B healthcare marketing executive. Her corporate expertise helps leaders in the industry transform their marketing mindset and develop winning strategies to get, keep, and grow their businesses. As a success coach, Cat uses her unique methodology that combines psychology, mindset, and marketing principles. This powerful blend empowers her clients to streamline their strategic development and define their goals and path while strengthening their ability to achieve their professional objectives.

Listen in as we talk about:

  • What’s Important to know about Cat
  • Her Approach to Helping Others
  • Transitioning into 60s and Gaining A New Perspective
  • Redefining Retirement
  • Influence of Ageism and Changing Mindset
  • Embracing Your Age and Keeping Fit
  • Living in the Present and Planning for the Future
  • The Difference Between Biological Age and Psychological Age
  • The Impact of Positive Self-Talk
  • Challenging Ageism and Embracing Your Age
  • Maintaining Energy and Vitality in Later Life
  • The Role of a Partner in Aging
  • Future Plans and Embracing New Opportunities

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