I Just (Achieved My Dream)! Now What? With Emily McGill


Hey Friends,


Have you ever felt that deep excitement and accomplishment that comes with achieving a huge dream you have for yourself? 


Sometimes our dreams can feel inaccessible to us, like they are just too difficult to bring to life…but what happens when we actually accomplish the thing we thought we couldn’t? That’s what we’re talking about with my guest Emily McGill in this episode.  What happens after the dream has been achieved. This ‘Now What’ story is one that I know will resonate with many people, especially those of us goal chasers.  


Emily is a tarot reader and storytelling strategist. After nearly a decade and a half working in entertainment in New York City as an expert communications consultant and Broadway publicist, her path of self-exploration led to healing and evolution - and reading tarot cards professionally alongside her communications work.


Listen in as we talk about:

  • Creating her dream job working in theater
  • Having the highest income month in her business, while facing some of the deepest unhappiness
  • How the pandemic forced her to re-evaluate the dream business she thought she wanted of working on broadway
  • What Tarot is
  • Deciding to collide broadway and tarot together 
  • Working through the fears that come with standing in your power


Smiles, Jessica


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