I Just (Am Tired of Waiting)! Now What?

Hey Friends,  


Who’s Tired of waiting? I know waiting can often feel exhausting! It’s been a season of waiting for me and I’ve had to pull out my tools to help me get through it! Yes patience is key and necessary, but sometimes patience is not always a good thing.  We can be overly patient and that’s when we need to stop with the waiting and get into action.  


Listen in as we talk about

  • Meaning behind Patience is a Virtue 
  • What is an appropriate amount of waiting. 
  • When waiting is a hindrance and not in your best interest.  
  • Actively waiting vs Patiently waiting
  • Actively waiting to help the time pass and participate - do your part while waiting. 
  • Follow up is key is really important to being patient and waiting.  
  • Don’t stall your life waiting for others to get on board. 
  • Move on to others who want to do the things you want to do
  • Releasing resentment of waiting for others. 
  • Waiting for yourself?  The timing is never going to be perfect. 
  • Doing things imperfectly.  Start with what you have. 
  • Being your voice for your health. Advocating for yourself.  Bring attention to yourself. Be squeaky wheel.  Don’t let waiting kill you. 
  • Action is the only cure to waiting.  Action is always better than waiting. 


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