I Just (Became a 1st time older Mom)! Now What? with Isabel Prosper



Hey Friends! 


Did you have a set idea in your head of when you would get married and have kids?  I know I did!   I always thought I would be married by 27 and have my first kid before 30!   I had young parents and I wanted to be as young as possible when starting my family.   Well that didn't happen, and for more and more parents starting a family is happening later in life! 


In this episode my wonderful friend Isabel joines me on the show to share her experience of becoming a mom at the advanced maternal age, over 35, which is scary to think is considered geriatric in the fertility world!  


Listen in as we talk about:

  • What it’s like becoming an older mom for the first time
  • What causes many of people / couples to delay starting their families 
  • Fibroids and how they impacted her life and deciding to get them removed.
  • Having surgery to remove her fibroids so she can start her family 
  • Her residence to seeing a fertility specialist 
  • The news of getting pregnant within a couple months after getting the all clear to start trying! 
  • What if felt like being pregnant as an older women 
  • How it felt being the only older mom at Mommy and baby groups 
  • Focus on aging well to be able to have the energy to keep up with kids 
  • Why she craved meeting other other mom’s  
  • Her desire to build a community and share other’s stories with other older mom’s 


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