I Just (Became a Widow)! Now What? With Rishma Govani

 Hey Friends,

This week’s episode is with Rishma Govani, who recently became a widow in September of 2020, when she lost her beloved husband and partner, Aly, to cancer.  Aly is her true north star, guiding her in the afterlife, as she faces life in her new role as a Soul Parent. 

Rishma is passionate about normalizing grief, enhancing grief literacy and allowing people to feel comfortable (and even find humour) around topics that are not easy. She is the proud mama of Khalil, Mila and her new fur-baby, Hero, aptly named after his dad. 


 Listen in as we talk about:

  • The journey of her husband’s diagnosis 
  • How she has been managing and healing through her grief
  • What she has learned as a sole parent
  • Tips to actually help and support people who are in a similar situation
  • The projects that she is working on, inspired by her husband Aly

Rishma is a seasoned strategic communications professional with 20+ years of experience in media relations and public affairs in environments with high profile issues and complex stakeholder relations. She is currently the Head of Communications for Global News and Corus Radio, a robust portfolio that includes 55 leading media brands across Canada. 

As a dynamic, empowered and passionate professional, she is committed to creating real positive change especially in areas of diversity, inclusion and acceptance.


Smiles, Jessica 


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