I Just (Broke Up with My Boyfriend and Found Out I'm Pregnant)! Now What?

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What would you do if you had just finally broke thing off with that not so good for you partner,  and found out you’re pregnant?  Would you keep it? Get back together? Would you go it alone and become the best ingle mother you could be?   Well that’s what Tanya Hayle had to figure out when she broke up with her boyfriend and discovered she was pregnant.  


Listen in as we talk about

  • Where she was in her life and relationships in her 30’s. Living her single girl in the city life!  
  • Ending her long distance relationship and wanting to find someone local to have some fun with.
  • Her on and off relationship with her then boyfriend and deciding it’s time to call it.  Not before one final night of togetherness. 
  • Being late, peeing on a stick. And seeing that + sign. 
  • Her now what moment: Deciding to keep or have an abortion. 
  • Choosing to keep the baby because she didn’t want to have lifelong regret 
  • Telling her mom she was pregnant and fearing her disappointment. 
  • Constantly reminded about her aloness during the pregnancy. 
  • Turning down her dream job. And the reality of being unprepared for being a single parent. 
  • Other ways of being a mother other than birthing.
  • Black Mom’s Connection - only happened because of Jackson and becoming a mom. 
  • Conversations with her son about not having a father. 
  • Mothering without a mother.   
  • Doesn’t not regret having her son, does regret not providing a better father. 
  • How Black Mom’s connection began, with needing Sunscreens for her black kid. 
  • The group grew rapidly as a community  and is now a Non-for-Profit. 
  • Responding to the needs of the community - Goal is to be a $10 Million dollar organization 
  • Grateful that her employer understands and appreciates what she brings to the table as entrepreneur and mom. 


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