I Just (Came Off My Anxiety Meds)! Now What? With Maja Ognjanovich


Hey Friends,


With the rise of anxiety and depression, this week I wanted to bring on a guest that will give you a different perspective and approach to mental health.


In this episode, Maja shares her journey of moving continents and handling anxiety, including her experience of being on medication for anxiety and depression, not receiving enough support from doctors, and the fears around stopping medication. 


She then talks about how she used movement and meditation to manage her anxiety, the journey to self-love, the impact of food on mood, and other tools that helped her transition off medications. 


Maja’s journey from Balkan war refugee to practitioner of mind and body healing provides a unique foundation for managing the current flux of the human condition. Combining her life experience with her knowledge of yoga and pilates, Maja hopes to impart a mindful approach to achieving core strength and stability. With a measure of discipline and open-mindedness, she believes we can learn from every experience while aiming to achieve the goals we set for ourselves. Maja is ready for a challenge, the only question is, are you? 


Listen in as we talk about

  • The anxiety that comes with moving continents, and how she handled it
  • Getting on medication and what triggered her to want to stop 
  • How long Maja was on the anxiety and depression meds
  • Not getting enough support from her doctors
  • The fears around stopping medication
  • How Maja used movement and meditation to keep anxiety at bay
  • What it was like feeling emotion again after so long 
  • Maja's journey to meditation and yoga
  • The other tools that helped Maja transition off her medications
  • The root of self love
  • The impact of food on our mood
  • Learning how to enjoy eating
  • What's next for Maja


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