I Just (Can’t Sleep)! Now What? With Jessica Stephens


Hey Friends,


What’s your relationship with sleep?  Were you a good sleeper as a baby? If so, that could mean you need a lot of sleep as an adult!  My mom told me that I slept through the night pretty early on as a baby!  You’re welcome Mom!  Unfortunately that trend didn’t keep going.  There did come a point where me and sleep were NOT friends and I suffered from really bad insomnia!  From late high school, through the early years of my career there I would have many sleepless nights.  The cause, well of course stress! But also my lifestyle and what I was consuming.  From bad food to late night emails.  


Listen in as we talk about:

  • Sleep and feeling so tired after getting hit with Covid 
  • Suffering from Insomnia and how I had to training myself to turn off my brain 
  • Sleeping pattern as infant lead  
  • Student life and early in my career I was stressed and that caused my insomnia. 
  • The need for a good night time is essential to overall healthy 
  • Tips for getting better quality sleep.   
  • Impact of removing coffee from my diet was life changing. 
  • Mind tire vs. physically tired and importance of moving the body
  • Time of day that you eat has a big impact on your sleep
  • Foods that have a big sleep impact - Sugar and other processed foods
  • Taking inventory of food you eat and when you eat it 
  • Night routine - so important 
  • Showing at night let’s me release my thoughts 
  • Sleep meditation helps unwind. 


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