I Just (Can't Orgasm)! Now What? With Jenna Switzer


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We’re talking about pleasure on the podcast today.  There are so many stats out there that may be shocking as it relates to orgasms and who’s having them, who’s not. Who’s faking it and those who are making it!  My guest Jenna Switzer is a holistic sexologist and yoga teacher trainer. Her work empowers women to experience confidence through empowered orgasms. She is passionate about using the tools of mindfulness, breathing practices, and movement to empower her clients physically and energetically.  


Listen in as we talk about:

  • How to help people connect with pleasure in a holistic way 
  • The tools from yoga and anatomy to help people have a better sex life 
  • How her upbringing impacted her mindset about sex and pleasure 
  • Her own personal challenges with consistently climaxing 
  • How getting married young was challenging because of lack of information and the ideas of intimacy 
  • Starting a polyamorous relationships and realizing more sex doesn’t mean better sex 
  • Felt disconnected from her body after trauma - learned there is more to our bodies then physicality 
  • Looking inside and transformed her relationship with pleasure and desire 
  • The pleasure you desire and want, is available to you.  Orgasms are possible for you
  • Pelvic floor work and how it can help. 
  • Mad Hot Platform - Sexual empowerment 


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