I Just (Don't Know What I Want)! Now What? with Jessica Stephens

Hey Friends,  

WHAT DO YOU WANT?  If you answered … I DON’T KNOW??…  This week's episode is for you!  This week  we’re talking about how to figure out what's stopping you from knowing what you want and DESIRE. This week it’s packed full of my own practices that help me get clear on my own wants and needs.   

Listen in as we talk about:

  • Internally we all know what we want and our hearts desire 
  • The frustration of not knowing what you want
  • Wants, Dream, Desires, 
  • Cost and consequences are the things that are between us and what we want. 
  • Shame Guilt or Judgment story attached to the things we want. 
  • Money story - desire to have wealth but grew up with a scarcity mindset 
  • Knowing what you don’t want is also important.   There is value in removing the things you don’t want from the list of consideration.
  • Wanting more of what you already have. Good news you know how to get that! 
  • How do you want to feel when you have the thing you think you want? 
  • Decision between two things. Pro Con list. OR what if you get both. 
  • It’s ok to want it both. 
  • Visual boards - collect the images of the 
  • Descriptive words help.  A Desire book holds all the things I want today and into the future. 
  • Action is the key to actually having what you’re dreaming of. 


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