I Just (Dropped Out of High School)! Now What? With Lucy Liu

Hey Friends,


Do you know someone who didn’t finish highschool? Or decide not to pursue higher education? What did you think about their decision? Did you judge them and assume they were not smart or wouldn’t be successful?   It’s time we shake our thoughts on success and the path we take to get there! 


In this episode, my guest Lucy Liu shares her story about dropping out of highschool, and how her life unfolded afterwards. She talks about the obstacles that led her to where she is today, including dropping out of high school with straight A's, graduating from UCLA, her parents’ reaction, and choosing to live abroad. 


She teaches us how to take a pause, even when other people around you have expectations of who and how you should be, to really live life slowly, in alignment and not stressed out. 


Lucy Liu is a global business strategist and certified life coach helping entrepreneurs and high performers unstuck, kiss overwhelm bye, cultivate rockstar confidence, see clarity, reach dream goals, and live a joyful fulfilling life! She is an unshakable optimist, wife, mother, easy-going entrepreneur, certified #IamRemarkable women empowerment workshop facilitator, and international motivational speaker. She is the author of two international bestselling books The Rising Sisterhood and Asian Women Who Boss Up. She also inspires as the host of her weekly podcast The Lucy Liu Show, which is the fueling station for your mind, business and life. 


Listen in as we talk about

  • The obstacles that led her to where she is today
  • Dropping out of school with straight A's
  • Graduating from UCLA, working for influential firms, and choosing to move and live abroad
  • Enjoying living life slowly, in alignment and not stressed out
  • Honoring her path as quiet and confident
  • Learning to look at hard circumstances with a new perspective
  • How her parents handled her dropping out of highschool
  • Leaving highschool to go straight into college
  • What's next for Lucy

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