I Just (Feel Like A Fraud)! Now What? Karen Seitz

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This week on the podcast my guest Karyn gets real about owning that she’s was problem in her life. Not other people or situations or anything external.  It was all her.   


In a fresh new search for answers, Karyn found the missing piece that would ultimately transform her life and her clients. There is something very profound in owning that she is the problem in her life. This awareness pushed her to confront herself and get serious about herself and her life. Karyn is now fulfilled in her life and teaches others the same journey she has taken to find herself and be happy.Karyn calls herself The Happiness Mentor and teaches an online happiness course for women called Awakened Grace.


Listen in as we talk about

  • Becoming a Happiness Mentor and living what she teaches. 
  • Why she felt like a fraud 
  • Deeper meaning of life through a spiritual journey
  • Becoming a Shaman, did Reiki, was meditating… still feeling lost. 
  • Checking the boxes, doing meaningful work but not feeling fulfilled. 
  • Finding the right fit for you and connecting with oneself. 
  • Being told the problem was her and how that felt. 
  • What it means to look internally and feeling good about who you are
  • Who are you when no one is looking? That’s what it means to be in integrity 
  • What it means to Parent yourself 
  • Internal Value vs. External Value


Books referenced in this episode : Love and Logic  


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