I Just (Got Diagnosed Autistic)! Now What? With Amy Ewbank


Hey Friends,

This week, we’re talking about neurodivergence, as my guest shares her story of receiving a diagnosis of Autism later in life.

Through our conversation, Amy Ewbank provides valuable insights into the importance of supporting and embracing neurodivergent individuals. She sheds light on the need to challenge societal expectations and enable a more inclusive and accepting environment. 

Amy describes herself as a deliciously flawed, complex and wonderful human being, who supports other deliciously flawed, complex and wonderful human beings to live their best lives. Her career has been squiggly, from working as an actor in theatre and BBC Radio, to writing plays and directing actors through my theatre company and charity Doll's Eye Theatre, to being a passionate mental health advocate, a people development guru, an often impatient mother to a small lovely 6 year old thug, proudly autistic, an ardent and fervent feminist, a splashy creative and a lover of all things story. 

Amy is a life coach and works with clients using the HerStory framework to encourage them to jangle their lives about a bit, until the contents plonk on the floor, have a reshuffle, have a play, and pick them up again, revived, shiny and new

Join us as we explore the powerful connection between shame, socialization, and the experiences of neurodivergent individuals, and discover ways to uplift and empower those on this journey.

Listen in as we talk about:

  • What’s important to know about Amy
  • Receiving her diagnosis
  • What her life was like pre-diagnosis 
  • The costs of testing as an adult in the UK
  • What the testing process looks like
  • Has her diagnosis been helpful
  • How her friends and family have reacted to her diagnosis 
  • Changing the conversation moving forward
  • Helping people find their stories 
  • Removing the stigma around shame for women

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