I Just (Got Diagnosed with Diabetes)! Now What? With Lynne Bowman

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If you could eat brownies for breakfast would you?  Well that’s what my guest this week hopes you do?  These are not any brownies, these are magical ones! (No, not that kind of magical). These are healthy! These are good for diabetics!  I've tried a few of the reciped and they are delish.  


Listen in as we talk about:

  • Eating and exercising your way to health, even with a diagnosis of diabetes. 
  • What happened when she walked out of the office.  
  • Diabetes being a progressive disease 
  • The impact that her mother's early death with a progressive disease had on her when she was diagnosed  
  • Your health and your life is up to you. So she studies all she could about type 2 diabetes. 
  • Losing weight was all she was told to do.  Keep your weight down. 
  • Cooking like a Grandma!  Eat REAL Food. Nutrient Dense! 
  • Processed food is engineered to keep you eating.  
  • Growing your own food if you can. Even just one pot of herbs. 
  • Labing reading is important to look for hidden ingredients. 
  • The importances of eating together in community - the ritual of it. 
  • Importance of sleep on digestion of food.  And the importance of food for good sleep. 
  • Gut Healthy is the engine of your body 
  • Brownies for Breakfast - her collection of recipes she has made for those with Diabetes 
  • Impact of factory farmed animals.   Importance of farm raised animals on your nutrients intake. 

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