I Just (Got Diagnosed with Fibromyalgia)! Now What? With Dr. Helen Pearman Ziral

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Do you know someone who has suffered from fibromyalgia? Or maybe you’ve been diagnosed with it yourself? 


In this candid conversation, my guest Dr. Helen Pearman Ziral explains the relation to illness and trapped trauma within our bodies. 


Helen Pearman Ziral, PhD, college professor, is also engaged in facilitating webinars and individual/group Intergenerational Spirit Injury intervention. She provides individual, group and organization solutions through consultation, customized programs and seminars, and has been advising associations, organizations, companies, government agencies, and private clients since 1990.


Dr. Ziral’s primary focus is the convergence of embodied energy and intergenerational spirit injury along the matrilineal line. Her webinars, workshops, presentations and online school facilitates healing and recovery of individual, organizational and environmental ‘trauma’ that fosters body, mind, spirit and financial wellness. 


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