I Was Just (Falsely Accused)! Now What? With Marcus Hayle


Hey Friends,

 Today’s episode talks about domestic violence and abuse, so if you are sensitive to these topics please proceed with care.

My guest, Marcus Hayle, shares his story about being married to someone he didn’t know was manipulative and abusive – which he only discovered years into their marriage. You will hear his story about getting arrested unexpectedly and without cause, and what he did to rebuild his life afterwards.

Professionally he is a Pricing & Revenue Management Consultant with 21 years of experience gained working with 4 global airlines, 1 global airport and a leading tech giant. He dabbles in multiple passions, he is also a commercial pilot, a financial coach, tax and business strategist and real estate investor. He also serves as a leader and mentor with his church, volunteers on community boards and is a huge advocate for social change and giving back to the community, hence the conversation today. 

 He enjoys the outdoors, traveling, flying, biking, the beach, good food, music, learning about different cultures,  people and their stories.


Listen in as we talk about

  • The physical and mental abuse that took place in his marriage behind closed doors
  • Sticking around for the child his wife had
  • Asking for a divorce and being met with threats
  • The moment he realized his life was more peaceful without his wife there
  • The incident that was a catalyst to getting arrested
  • Being put in jail for without cause and the trauma that came from that experience 
  • Making bail and getting out of jail
  • Getting served with divorce papers due to his wife’s charges of domestic violence against him
  • Having his record wiped clean 
  • The profiling that happens within jails and the legal system
  • Launching a prison ministry
  • What’s next for Marcus


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