I Just (Got Hit With Imposter Syndrome)! Now What? With Jessica Stephens

Hey Friends, 

Welcome to Season Three!  Eeeek!   Still hard to believe how quickly the first year of the show went by and how much we accomplished!    Grateful everyday to all the listeners and support of the show.     This season opener was a doozy!  I open up and share about my latest round of Imposter Syndrome and how it almost had me shut down the whole show.  So let's unpack what Imposter Syndrome is shall we! 

Have you ever felt like a fraud? Like you were not deserving of what you achieved or accomplished?   That it was all sheer LUCK that got you to where you are and at any moment it could all be taken away? Yup.. me too friend. Me too!   This just happened to me (again) and I'm actually still processing it. 


Listen in as we talk about:

  • What exactly imposter syndrome is 
  • When imposter syndrome can show up in your life 
  • Why feeling Imposter Syndrome could be a good thing 
  • My go to practices to help me work through the feeling 
  • Our Deepest Fear from Marianne Williamson 


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