I Just (Got My Inheritance)! Now What? Jessica Stephens

Hey Friends,


This week’s episode is a real, in-the-moment story about something I’ve been experiencing over the last few weeks, which has been receiving an inheritance from my Grandmother (a.k.a my Apo).


She passed away in March of 2022. At the time of this recording, it is the one year anniversary of us receiving the diagnosis that she was extremely sick and we only had months left with her.


My Apo was a gift in my life in so many ways — from caring for me from a young age, to having the opportunity to care for her in other ways as she aged, having her as my Apo was truly one of my life’s most beautiful treasures.


After she passed, my family and I were blessed to have received an inheritance from her, thanks to all of the years she and my grandfather worked sacrificed for us.  


Listen in as we talk about

  • Why it's so important to share what we're going through in the 'now' moment
  • The emotional struggles that have come with saying goodbye to my wonderful Apo 
  • Navigating the grieving process a second time
  • Money mindset blocks that come with receiving an inheritance 
  • How to plan what to do with your inheritance
  • Learning how to be smart with your money and where you invest it
  • Questioning and paying attention to my own legacy and future
  • Defining your legacy when you don't have kids
  • The fine balance of living in the moment and preparing for the future
  • Getting a will and organizing your own assets


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