I Just (Had a Hysterectomy)! Now What? With Jo-Ann Martin

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So you are getting a combo story today!  A two for one deal if you will !    First we’re talking about women's health and Jo-ann getting a hysterectomy at a fairly young age. She suffered from very painful menstrual cycles from a young age and so when the opportunity to have a hysterectomy was presented, she jumped at it!  Which leads to the bonus story of her life as a childfree person and why she had no problem removing her uterus and never becoming a mom. 


Jo-Ann Martin, a proud Canadian with strong Jamaican roots. For the last 18 years, she has worked as a Sign Language Interpreter providing communication access to the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community at large. The bulk of her childhood was spent in a dance studio and her passion for health and fitness today is a direct result of many years on the competitive dance stage. In addition, she manages her own online business in the health and wellness industry.


Jo-Ann is a daughter, sister, friend and the BEST Auntie ever- but don’t call her “mom”! This fierce childfree advocate is always ready to challenge society’s assumption of the “role a woman is supposed to play”. 


As you’ll hear, she gives us her take on how to live in alignment with your truest desires and definition of self.


Listen in as we talk about

  • What you should know about Jo-Ann
  • Having a history of traumatic periods 
  • Creating a plan with her doctor
  • Deciding it was time to schedule a hysterectomy
  • The realization that she didn’t want to become a mom
  • Key factors of having a major surgery like this one
  • What life was like leading up to her hysterectomy 
  • How her quality of life transformed after surgery 
  • Health transformations post-surgery 
  • Some key “firsts” she experienced post-surgery 
  • Advice for women contemplating the same thing 


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