I Just (Had a Stroke at 45)! Now What? With Margot Daley

Hey Friends, 

What happens when life as you know it gets flipped upside down? Maybe you can’t work, need to take a step back, or start to re-evaluate everything. This is what happened to my guest this week, Margot Daley, when she had a stroke on her 45th birthday.

In this episode, we talk about how Margot’s life did a complete 180 when she was least expecting it, and how new creative passions were born out of a deep and dark time.

 Margot is a lifestyle portrait and personal branding photographer with nearly 30 years experience in the television industry as an award winning unscripted senior producer, director, and story editor.

For years, she's produced series and shoots all over North America  for CBC, HGTV,  and The W Network and helped regular people feel comfortable in front of the intimidating television camera. Today she has translated those skills to her photography work, helping female entrepreneurs show off the face behind the brand in a fun, joyful and dynamic way.


Listen in as we talk about:

  • Having a stroke on her 45th birthday
  • Navigating emotions and depression as healing took longer than anticipated
  • Caring for her mother who also had a stroke as she was recovering
  • How having a stroke sparked a new life path and career
  • How her stroke impacted her overall health


Smiles, Jessica 


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