I Just (Have a Vision)! Now What? Angel Shannon

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Today we’re talking about dreams and vision!   My guest Angel Shannon started off on one path of her career and after doing the work, investing the time and even going into debt to get her Masters, realized it wasn’t what she wanted.  She had a vision for doing something different, building something better from the ground up!  So she did something that many may not have had the courage to do, especially after investing so much into her precious career, she followed gut and the vision she had.  


Angel V. Shannon, MS, CRNP is a personal development keynote speaker, board certified nurse practitioner and founder of Seva Health and The Seva Institute. Her inspiring presentations are drawn from nearly three decades of clinical practice and lifetime study of integrative health and mind-body medicine. Through courses, coaching, community and radical self-compassion practice, Angel teaches overworked professionals how to break free from burnout and gain the clarity, courage and confidence they need to design the life they deserve.


Listen in as we talk about

  • Her journey into health care was different from what she originally wanted to do (law)
  • Being inspired to become a nurse, and loved it. Until seeing that she didn’t want to just do bandaid work 
  • Had a vision of doing more and opening her own practice. 
  • Going into debt to get her Masters as a Nurse Practitioner
  • The importance of having healthy boundaries with your work.  
  • Not being happy with how things are, you have a choice to do things differently. 
  • The importance of having a vision and going for it. 
  • Remembering that all our experiences are not a waste, we build on them. 
  • Knowing what you don’t want is key to figuring out what you do want. 
  • Hal Elrod's book - The Miracle Equation and embodying who you want to be. 
  • Leadership starts with leading yourself first. 
  • Surrounding yourself with people you want to learn from 


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