I Just (Learned I’m Insulin Resistant)! Now What? With Jessica Stephens

Hey Friends,


This week’s episode is a solo show with me, and we’re talking about how I learned I was insulin resistant. 


It all began during my fertility journey years ago, when I discovered that I was insulin resistant and had PCOS by fluke. Despite the different prescriptions and medications prescribed by my doctors, to help my fertility, I was frustrated with the lack of focus  my doctors weren’t taking when it came to my food, workout, or lifestyle choices. The low hanging fruit of health is my option! 


I discovered that food and nutrition played a significant role in managing my insulin resistance and regulating my menstrual cycle, and through dietary changes and lifestyle modifications, I was able to improve my overall health and wellness.


During the episode, we will touch on the changes I made to my diet and lifestyle that have helped me manage my insulin resistance. I'll also be sharing some of the supplements that have worked for me.


If you're struggling with insulin resistance or want to learn more about how to manage it through healthy lifestyle choices, then be sure to tune in!


Listen in as we talk about

  • How it all stemmed from my fertility journey
  • How my doctors reacted with prescriptions and medications
  • My frustration with doctors not asking about my food, workout or lifestyle choices
  • How food and nutrition changed my menstrual cycle
  • The changes you can make to help insulin resistance
  • Supplements that have worked for me
  • Taking note of which habits you can switch out


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