I Just (Learned My Fiance Has a Secret)! Now What?


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Have you kept a secret from your partner? Or was a secret kept from you?  What happened when it finally came out?  In this episode that’s exactly what our guest Tabitha is sharing with our audience.  Finding out a secret about her fiance the day before their wedding!   It’s a doozy of a story that is PACKED full of lessons.  


Tabatha Perry is the ultimate go-to for women that are the non 9-5ers. She encourages and equips women that are wanting less chaos and to get their daily life on track! With over 15 years of experience in the Criminal Justice System, 20+ moves under her belt, has a Masters in Social Worker, girl-mom, wifey and Life Coach, she's got advice that will make any day less stressful for the woman juggling many balls in the air! As a professional over-thinker, she's learned how to simplify her day and loves helping women create simple & small edits in their daily life so they step into their fullest God-given potential!  


Listen in as we talk about:

  • Her career in the criminal justice system led to her career as life coach. 
  • Her historic relationship pattern of not choosing good men and being a fixer in the relationship. 
  • How she met her fiance and was pursued by this man she wasn’t looking for.  Quitting her job after 3 months to move in with him in Alaska. 
  • Shared a story with her the day before their wedding which unveiled a secret about his lifestyle, with prescription drugs.  
  • Conflicted about what to do. Do they get married? Does she leave? 
  • The details of how he got into using 
  • The shame involved in keeping secrets. 
  • The importance of having good friends to confide in to help her process this information. 
  • The reach substance abuse has on a family
  • How she moved forward with her wedding and enjoying her wedding. 
  • A second secret revealed itself several years later in their marriage  
  • How important it is to support partners in their recovery


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