I Just (Looked Around and Saw No One Who Looked Like Me)! Now What? With Jessica Stephens


Have you ever experienced this before? Walking into a room and slowly noticing that no one looks like you? This happened to me recently and it was a shock to the system to be honest. In a good way. 

As a mixed race woman of colour, I’ve had my fair share of experiences over the years, where I'm the only mix raced person, but I haven’t experienced being the only person of colour in the room in a long time.  I hope you take something away in this week’s podcast episode, and if this episode will help someone else you know, please share it with them. 

Listen in as we talk about:

  • How I felt attending an event and being the only visible minority there
  • The importance of groups and spaces that are inclusive of all races and people of colour as well as gender. 
  • My mission in leading the change and showing up in rooms that need more diversity. 
  • Tips for you if you’ve been in a similar situation





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