I Just (Lost My Child)! Now What? With Radhika Lakhani

TW: Today's episode includes; miscarriages,  pregnancy loss and early infant death.  

Hey Friend, 

 This week on podcast my dear friend Radhika is on the show to share for the first time the detailed story of losing her first son at 36 weeks. And how this tragic experience changed her and taught her the best lesson of her life.   Grateful to Rad for opening up and sharing her experience to help others who are dealing with loss.   

Listen in as we talk about

  • The loss of her first child and how that changed the trajectory of her life
  • Got pregnant on the first try, ended in a miscarriage and then getting pregnant again very easily. Had a healthy pregnancy
  • Breech at 36 weeks and needed a C-Section. 
  • Moving from the best moment to the worst moment in life. 
  • Didn’t know that people suffered at this level that led her to a dark place. 
  • Wild spiritual experiences that followed 
  • The most powerful thing you can do is, Ask the Big Questions. The Universe will answer. 
  • Connected with a Medium. Life changing experience. 
  • Son became the greatest teacher of her life. 
  • Soles come back to the same parents. -   Had another baby boy, the following year. 
  • Aryan - Noble Hearted One. 
  • Biggest loss can become your biggest miracle. 
  • The first year of motherhood was such a gift.  Level of gratitude heightened. 
  • Challenges in life - What is this here to teach me?  Soul School. 
  • Conflict resolution starts with healing the people. 
  • Soul Activatory - Helping people get their power back. 

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