I Just (Lost the Use of My Hands)! Now What? With Sarah Bolton


Hey Friends,


Imagine going about your day as you regularly do, and experiencing a moment that will change your life forever.


Sarah "Bolty" Bolton works with women to help them own their voice, their impact, and their power. Prior to becoming a coach, Sarah worked in the beauty industry as a licensed cosmetologist and esthetician. She absolutely loved helping people feel beautiful and confident in their own skin. 


In 2017, she found herself in a blow-drying class at the salon and suddenly was unable to pull the brush through the hair. The blow dryer in her other hand felt like she was holding a bag full of cinder blocks. She was later diagnosed with a rare neuromuscular condition that causes sudden episodes of muscle weakness called Myasthenia Gravis, impacting the voluntary muscles in her body, especially her hands. Her life and her career as she knew them were over. She knew she needed to reinvent and move in a new direction. 


Sarah had been working with a coach prior to this, and she saw the impact coaching had had on her own life. She saw something for herself in being a coach and being able to support her clients in an even more profound way. 


She enrolled and graduated from Accomplishment Coaching's Coach Training Program in 2020, and has been building her coaching practice ever since. Her "money makers" (her hands) shifted to her new money makers (her ears). She now works with women and helps them own their voice, their impact, and their power so that they can break free from the "rules" and live their authentic life, full of joy, ease, fulfillment, and delight.


Listen in as we talk about:

  • Becoming diagnosed with a rare muscular condition
  • How life has changed since her diagnosis
  • Shifting her career from being a hairstylist to helping people with invisible illnesses
  • Working through the grief and loss of the life she thought she was supposed to have
  • Sarah’s relationship with her body now
  • Mindset shifts you can make to take steps forward in hard times
  • The shame and feelings of burden that came with her diagnosis


Smiles, Jessica 


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