I Just (Manifested an Amazing New Year)! Now What? Ranjini Cassup


Hey Friends,  


Welcome to the end of Season three!  We’re doing a quick recap of season three and the hot episodes you all loved.  Plus my bestie Ranjini joins me for a where Is She Now recap from season One!   So much has changed in her life and most of it... she was intentional with Manifesting it! 


Listen in as we talk about

  • The favs episode from this season 
  • Ranjini shares what’s been unfolding since her first appearance 
  • What’s possible when someone has committed to change and healing 
  • Reviewing your life and deciding what you want to change 
  • Writing in her journal what she wanted for the coming year 
  • Now What moment after a big milestone in her career 
  • Leaving a familiar place and stretching yourself 
  • Gratitude in the simple things
  • Drama happening around you doesn’t have to penetrate you 
  • Carrying others burdens doesn’t help them build their strength and muscles 
  • Resolve to make tomorrow better than today 
  • Tomorrow starts today 
  • Carma - Our results we get tomorrow are based on what we do today
  • Manifesting Joy and Happiness 


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