I Just (Need a Reset)! Now What? With Jessica Stephens

Hey friends, 

Welcome to 2023! Time for the best version of me!  And you! 

2022 was a very challenging year for many, myself included.  Ever since the Hubs and I caught the C0vId, things went off the rails for me in a number of areas of my life.  My healthy definitely was impacted and while I can't go back in time to change things, I can focus forward and reset!  And that's what I'm gonna do in many areas of my life.  What I consume is getting an overhaul from food, to  media, people and selfcare.  

Listen in as we talk about

  • Fresh new year to hit reset for 2023 
  • Catching covid and needed to get back on track with my health 
  • Physical Reset with food.  Emotional eating 
  • Veganuary - Month of Plant based meals 
  • 5 Toxics I’m eliminating Refined Sugar, Gluten, Dairy, Alcohol, Coffee, Meat
  • Dry January - Eliminating the booze to see how you feel without it.  
  • Coffee - Highly acidic.  Goal is to be as alkaline as possible to help prevent disease from growing.  
  • The benefits of eating more plant based is 
  • Water is my adult beverage of choice 
  • Reconsider what your consuming on the media / TV/ News / Books / Podcasts 
  • People - who are you hanging out and helping you cast your vision. 
  • Selfcare - Reset.   Doing things that make you feel good. 
  • Reset your view. What are you looking at? Change of scenery is important.

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