I Just (Produced a One Woman Show)! Now What? With Merit Kahn

Hey Friends,  


Does it ever feel like you are doing all the things and wearing all the hats?  Kind like your life is a One Person Show?  Well today, that’s actually what today’s guest Merit Kahn actually did, she wrote, produced, starred in a One Woman Show. 


Listen in as we talk about:

  • How it takes 12 people to actually run a One Woman Show! 
  • How her divorce inspired her start doing things she kept putting off
  • Turning 50
  • A vision of performing in front of a large group during a meditation. 
  • 50 Things to do before her 50th Birthday list. Only had 2 things, Travel to South East Asia and perform a comedy show. 
  • Our dreams are fulfilled through our experiences
  • 50 mins of stand up comedy for her 50th Birthday was the original plan 
  • Broke up her life in 5 decades and the lessons she learned as the blueprint for the show. 
  • Mine your life for your experiences and the lessons.  Through the lens of comedy. 
  • Comedy helps make life situations lighter and easier to carry. 
  • Looking at life through new lens of find the funny 
  • That skill will help you look at your life and give it perspective.   
  • Formula for life: Tragedy + Time = Comedy  
  • Was a lone ranger - learned the lesson of asking for help and delegating 
  • A saying from her Dad; Who chiseled that over the door? 

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Connect with Merit Kahn 

See Merit’s one woman comedy show November 11 & 12 in Denver, CO