I Just (Realized I'm Perimenopausal)! Now What? With Alison Bladh


Hey Friends,


In this episode, we’re talking about something many of us either have or will soon begin experiencing: perimenopause.


And while this can be an overwhelming time with lots of mental, physical and hormonal changes, there are ways we can gracefully transition into this stage of life, and it’s what we’re talking about today with my guest Alison. 


Alison Bladh is a registered nutritional therapist and beauty therapist. She has worked in the health and wellness industry for over 30 years specializing in menopausal women’s health. She runs her own online clinic helping women globally manage the negative symptoms of perimenopause, menopause and post menopause. Her mission is to support her clients with bespoke changes to diet, health, mindset and lifestyle so they can harness their hormones and get their confidence and sparkle back. 


Listen in as we talk about

  • Allison's personal journey with hormones and acne 
  • The first signs of perimenopause
  • The impact of food and nutrition
  • The importance of limiting alcohol and getting proper sleep
  • Tips for managing our hormone levels
  • When each phase of menopause starts
  • Our cycles vs. that of animals and older generations before us
  • Creating a state of homeostasis within the body
  • How to get the support you need


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