I Just (Received A Sign From The Universe)! Now What? with Pam Koon

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Have you ever gotten what you thought might be a message from the universe that you’ve ignored? But it  comes back again and again until you finally are open to receiving such a message?  Well that’s what happened to my guest Pam, when she finally signed up for that Matchmaking service where she met the love of her life Jimmy!  This week’s episode is FULL of signs from the universe and examples of when the universe is conspiring with you to give you what you want!  You just need to pay attention and be open to receiving those messages! 


Listen in as we talk about:

  • Knowing she wanted to be a teacher from a very young age. 
  • Feeling a little lonely in her early 40s and getting a random call from a new Matchmaking service that she tried to reject. 
  • Believing in the Universe sending you messages and signs.
  • Thought it was a scam - but still decided to give it try 
  • She was matched with someone named Jimmy who lives in her town. 
  • Asking the universe for a sign and getting it!  Matching scars- it’s the sign. 
  • Thinking back to her twenties and remembering being told by voice about meeting the love of her life in her 40s 
  • Remembering that months before getting another hint from the universe she ignored. 
  • All the puzzle pieces come together. And finally knowing.  
  • Getting engaged and married. Such a gift.  
  • The universe will keep knocking at you till you answer the call. 
  • 5 Love languages - finding common interests you can enjoy together as well as things apart. 
  •  Believing in the timing and being open to what’s possible if you let the universe help send you the signs. 

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