I Just (Sold my Business)! Now What? With Angela Mulrooney


First Guest Episode of Season Three is Here! 


In this episode, my guest Angela Mulrooney shared her story of being forced to sell her business, and having a bit of an identity crisis.  Walking away from being a successful Dentist and moving towards a new career in the arts and then again taking on a new career and business again in consulting and branding. 


Dr. Angela Mulrooney is a global speaker, best-selling author, and personal branding expert. Known as The Arsonist, she burns down what’s holding clients back from unleashing influence through their personal brand on LinkedIn. She works with thought leaders around the world to clarify their message through their brand archetype while using various media platforms (LinkedIn, podcasts, and the stage) to drive sales so they can change the world with what they know.


Listen in as we talk about:

  • Her original career of being a dentist and what forced her to leave it  
  • How she used Dance to heal and transition into a new path that lead to 3 businesses 
  • Moving away to South America helped her get focused and decide which of business she wanted to keep and wanted to let go of 
  • What it looks and feels like to divest businesses and walk away. 
  • Listening to your gut and intuition 
  • Questions to ask yourself if you are thinking of selling 
  • How to be influential on social media 


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