I Just (Survived a Double Transplant)! Now What? With Liahni Chandler


Hey Friends,

This week's episode is a special one! I know I say that about most of them, but really. This one is double special, because my friend Liahni survived not just one but two organ transplants!   

It wasn't until I heard her story that I started to really think about becoming a donor.  If I'm healthy when my time comes, than I want my organs to help save someone and give them a new lease on life! Just like Liahni.  What a gift. 

Would you be an organ donor?  Listen to this episode and think about it! 

 As you’ll hear in the episode, Liahni became ill out of the blue, and it changed the course of her life and purpose in a significant way.

 Her story is one of hope, courage, and deep empathy and gratitude, and I’m so honoured that she shared it with us here.


Listen in as we talk about:

  • How Liahni discovered she had sclerosis of the liver, with never having had a drink before
  • How the transplant process works
  • Finding out her kidneys were failing and needing another transplant
  • Her unique relationship with her donor’s family
  • How she has honoured the lives that saved her

Smiles, Jessica  


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