I Just (Turned 70)! Now What? With May McDaniel

Hey Friends, 

We’re at episode 70!!! And coincidentally our story today is I Just (Turned 70)! Now What?  - The Universe is smiling on us all!  I love love love this story from May McDaniel about deciding to hike the Appalachian Trail after turning 70!  Cause why not?!   Her story is packed full of some great life lessons.   

Listen in as we talk about

  • All of the jobs and roles May has had over her 70 year life!
  • What happened to her when she turned 70 as a baby boomer! 
  • Never thought she would reach her 70th birthday - she got depressed. 
  • Couldn’t get out of bed. Didn’t want to tell people she was 70 years old. 
  • Decided to hike the Appalachian Trail with zero backpacking experience! 
  • 2000 Miles long from Georgia to Maine - The granddaddy of hiking trails that’s 2.5 ft wide.
  • Took the Year to plan her hike and started to prepare  physically. The Average time to hike is 5 months. 
  • What you’re gonna carry in your pack.  Success on your back!  Every ounce counts. 
  • Did lots of research on hiking the train and the mindset of doing it.  The pain and discomfort 
  • The Trek 
  • Meditation and Yoga - before and during the hike helps you mentally and physically.  
  • A walk in the woods 
  • Most people who walk the trail are walking off something.  Divorce, trauma, loss, something they are w
  • 3 Lessons - Travel light.  Get over yourself. Hike your own hike. 
  • Have become a minimalist since doing the hike. Traveling light through life. 
  • Never quit on the worst day. Never quit on the best day. 
  • Climbing Mount Katahdin in Maine. The other side of the mountain. 
  • Falling down the mountain.  
  • Getting Hypothermia 
  • Destination 100. Rest Stop 

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