I Just (Want to Adopt A Child )! Now What? With Anna Maria Didio

Hey Friends,  


This week we’re talking about adoption and the experience of going through an international adoption process. And the challenges that come with adopting before and after that child arrives in your home.  Anna Maria shares her experiences of adopting an older child from Mexico.  


Listen in as we talk about:

  • Desire to be a mom.  
  • Struggling to conceive naturally and the anxiety of infertility 
  • Experincing many miscarriages 
  • Deciding to adopt then finding out she was pregnant 
  • Wanting to grow their family - struggled 
  • Looking into domestic and internationally a 7 year journey 
  • Deciding to adopt an older child 
  • The best adoptions are where there are no secrets (open adoptions) 
  • Navigating the industry of adoption 
  • Adoptions start with trauma for most children 
  • Hard transition - 
  • Journalled the whole experience which turned into her first book 
  • Read many many books on the trauma of adoption 
  • Adopted children experience disenfranchised grief - losing her language (spanish) 
  • Adoption is wonderful and magical

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