I Just (Wrapped Up Season 2)! Now What? With Jessica Stephens


Hey Friends,

I Just (wrapped seasons 2) Now what? episode is live. Still have moments where I need to pinch myself that I, Jessica, am the host and creator of this successful Podcast!

Beyond a handful of friends who volunteered to be guests in season one, I didn't have a clue as to who would want to come on the show and share their story. Now I have strangers reaching out to me, asking to come on the show. Wow.

Beyond family who I TOLD they had to subscribe and listen to the show, I didn't know if anyone would actually want to listen to these episodes week after week. Now there are thousands of downloads and subscribers and it grows month after month. Really?

Ranking, that wasn't even on my list of things I thought possible in my first year, let alone in my first month of the show going live. But there I was in the TOP 200 even making it to the top 150 spot for a while! Insanity.

So my big takeaway from 1 year of podcasting, is this.
I when I started, I had zero guests, zero listeners, zero clue what I was doing to be honest. And if you put time, energy, focus and the dedication into anything, it will grow!

In this episode, I wrap up Season 2 of the I Just (Blank)! Now What? Podcast, and what an amazing journey it has been.

 Thank you so much to all of our listeners for helping to grow the show over the last year. I am so excited to come back for Season 3 with incredible guests and conversations that will help you navigate life’s most challenging moments.

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Listen in as we talk about:

  • The lessons I’ve learned over the last year of podcasting
  • Tips to make your dreams come to life
  • My favourite episodes of this season and why I enjoyed them so much
  • What’s next for Season 3


Smiles, Jessica 


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