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Aspiring Entrepreneurs Wanted!

Have you ever thought about being your own boss? But don't know where to start? Scared to go it alone? Let's talk and I'll help you lean into that desire.

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Already an entrepreneur?!

Join me over in the H.U.B Inc community where real business happens! Networking and Business Accelerator sessions to help you level up.

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Fit and Fab and Flourishing!

Need a little help to get your health on track? Join my 30 Days to Healthy Living Group. It's not a diet or a detox. It's a program focused on identifying the foods that fuel you and the foods that may not be serving your body in a positive way! Let's Flourish.

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Jessica is a phenomenal coach and leader. She takes the time to understand you by asking the right questions to understand who you are, deep down and what motivates you. She is compassionate, empathetic and caring. She provides real life strategies you can implement immediately to help propel your life forward. Because of the coaching I have received from Jessica, I am stronger and happier today than I have been in years. I am a better leader and I am succeeding in my career and business.

Terri M

Jessica is a wonderful H.U.B. Inc chapter leader! She is welcoming, engaging, encouraging, and committed to connecting with members and making every effort to grow the community in many ways. Her efforts include social shares, group 'take-overs' for the Toronto chapter, booking speakers, keeping in touch through emails, and even sharing members' personal wins outside of H.U.B. Inc in solidarity for supporting women in business. I'm grateful to be part of the H.U.B. Toronto Chapter, with Jessica at the helm. 

Jennifer M

I joined Jessica's 30 Days To Healthy Living Group and wow. The support of the group was amazing. So many delicious recipes and tip for staying committed to the journey. For me I needed help with shifting my mindset around good and eating, this program helped me make better choices and now I have more energy, I sleep better, my digestion is on track. I'm feeling more comfortable and confident in my clothes! I had so many things I stopped wearing that I used to love. The 30 Days to Healthy Living program is better than any diet I've ever tried!

Renee C