129: I Just (Lost My Investment)! Now What? With Tess Waresmith


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In this week’s episode, I’m talking with Tess Waresmith. Tess shares her painful lessons of losing $80,000 in poor investments in her twenties and how it motivated her to learn about wealth building and investing.

She turned those lessons into strengths, enabling her to build her net worth to a million dollars by the age of 35. The discussion also highlights the importance of normalizing money conversations, understanding fees in financial advisory services, and shifting one's mindset regarding money and investing. Tess is celebrating her last day at her full-time job as she ventures into full time entrepreneurship.

Tess is a financial coach and the founder of Wealth with Tess, a financial education platform that helps corporate women and entrepreneurs in their 30’s/40’s learn how to grow their money using simple investing strategies so that they can retire comfortably, chase their dreams, and live life on their terms. After losing 80k in bad investments in her twenties, Tess learned everything she could about wealth building and built her net worth to 1 million as a single 35 year old woman. Now she’s helped thousands of women learn how to grow their money using simple investing strategies anyone can do (even if you’re short-on-time or a total newbie investor). 

Listen in as we talk about:

  • Normalizing Conversations Around Money
  • What’s important to know about Tess
  • Working with a financial advisor and the problems she found
  • What she did after realizing she lost the money
  • The mindset change she went through
  • 3 things everyone should learn about money
  • Her transition into full time financial education


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