133: We Just (Did a World Tour with Teens)! Now What? With Liz Deacle

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In this week’s episode, Liz Deacle joins me to share the candid story of her family's journey traveling through 22 countries, sharing how they planned the adventure, managed it on a budget, and the impact it had on their lives.

Liz shares how her family used house sitting and couch surfing to afford the year-long adventure, and how the experience inspired her children's respective paths. She also discusses how they adapted upon their return to their native New Zealand, and looking for alternative ways of earning an income, eventually leading to the creation of an online business and their own successful travel blog and book.

Liz is a best selling author, a podcaster, YouTuber and a storyteller. A natural-born optimist, lover of wine, and non-lover of hormones, Liz is British, she is married to Brian, and together they have two kids. In 2009, when their children were 8 and 5, Liz and her husband left England and took their family to start a new life in New Zealand. Once there, Liz embarked on something she had dreamed of doing her whole life (but had never been brave/financially comfortable/crazy enough to do). Homeschooling. In the ten years that followed the family built their own home under a dormant volcano on the North Island of New Zealand and enjoyed years of freedom and adventure together. In 2018, Liz and her husband put into place another life long dream. They rented out their house, used the meager savings they had and backpacked around the world for a year with their teenagers (16 and 13). Three years after returning from the world trip, Liz wrote a book.

Listen in as we talk about:

  • What’s important to know about Liz 
  • Life before they left on their journey across the globe
  • Handling money on their trip
  • Planning their itineraries
  • Finding their house sitting gigs
  • The biggest challenges they encountered
  • How they wrapped up the trip
  • Now what
  • How the world tour affected their kids

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