135: I Just (Feel So Distracted)! Now What? With Jessica Stephens

Hey Friend,

In this week's episode, I delve into the stressful, unfocused and distracted season I'm experiencing and highlight the challenges I've faced recently. Mostly feeling unfocused, conflicting priorities and uncertainty.

We also discuss the importance of establishing a morning routine for mental health, turning off digital distractions, maintaining physical cleanliness for mental clarity, and expressing emotions to trustworthy individuals to prevent mental clutter.

I emphasize the necessity of recognizing my mental capacities and taking the necessary steps to alleviate stress. Lastly, we talk about my messy phase and share strategies to regain focus, while reassuring that it's okay to be in seasons like this.

Listen in as we talk about:

  • The season of life I’m currently in
  • Feeling extremely distracted
  • Not having the capacity to do all the things
  • What I have been doing to try and help with the distraction
  • Acknowledging the mess in my life adding to distraction
  • Being overstimulated
  • Tapping into what's important
  • Talking about capacity
  • The importance of talking things out

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