136: I Just (Lost My Mother)! Now What? With Farah Flisher

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In this week's episode, Farah Flisher joins me to talk about something many of us can relate to: the loss of her mother.

Farah opens up about experiencing multiple personal losses, including the untimely death of her mother from a gunshot wound. Farah discusses how writing, baking, yoga, and counseling helped her navigate her grief, eventually leading her to write and publish her memoir 'Mahar and Me'. She also shares her philosophy of looking for hope and strength in times of adversity.

Farah, who is of Parsi origin, was born in London and raised in North India. She is a British national with an Indian heart, and embraces the different facets of her identity with ease. After the untimely loss of her mother, struggling to reconcile the mysteries of life and death, Farah embarked on a journey inward to find a conduit to channel her loss and pain. Farah has built a career in the banking industry, across continents, over the span of thirty-plus years and is now based in Dubai. 

Listen in as we talk about:

  • What’s important to know about her
  • How she moved through tragedy in her life
  • The story of her mom's death
  • How she started finding her way back from the tragedy
  • Using her journal for therapy, starting her writing and working on her book
  • Did the process of writing the book and publishing it help in her journey of grief
  • Telling her children about her mother's death
  • The one takeaway she hopes readers get from her book
  • Advice to help move through grief

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