137: I Just (Blew Up My Life)! Now What? With Melody Murray

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In this week's episode, Melody Murray joins me, who redefined her life through what she calls radical self-care. Melody discusses her shift from a life filled with depression, anxiety, and the struggles of managing her sister's addiction, to making bold decisions that included ending her marriage, shutting down her initial private practice, and adopting a lifestyle as a nomad.

The episode explores the importance of setting boundaries with oneself and others, redefining personal values, and allowing oneself the flexibility to make mistakes. Melody shares insights from her book, 'Mourning the Living: When the Loved Ones You've Lost is Still Here,' aimed at navigating toxic relationships and finding peace in one's decisions.

Melody is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Child Mental Health Specialist, known for her expertise in assessing and managing patients with critical mental health conditions, especially within hospital ER settings. Her experience extends over four years, where she has made significant contributions to evaluating homicidal and suicidal ideations, demonstrating a profound ability to navigate high-pressure environments with empathy and professionalism.

In addition to her clinical prowess, Melody has been an influential voice in mental health advocacy, featured in interviews by major outlets such as the New York Times and Business Insider, and on shows like "The Doctors" and "Peace of Mind with Taraji." Her previous career in the entertainment industry, directing reality TV shows such as MTV’s "The Real World" and "Bad Girls Club," adds a unique dimension to her understanding of human behavior, enhancing her approach to therapy and mental health communication.

Listen in as we talk about:

  • What’s important to know about her
  • What was happening before she blew up her life
  • Shadow work
  • Her retreat in Bali
  • The first promise she ever made to herself
  • Deciding motherhood wasn't for her
  • Approaching being mindful of who is impacted by our actions without having that hold you back

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