138: I Just (Got Tossed Into Foster Care)! Now What? With Natalie Guzman


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In this week's episode, I sit down with Natalie Guzman, who shares her extraordinary journey of being voluntarily placed into foster care by her mother and how she overcame the trauma and abandonment to build a successful life. Natalie recounts her life's ups and downs, including her adjustment to a drastic change in living conditions following her parents' divorce, her mother's decision to place her in foster care, and her efforts to maintain normalcy during her tumultuous teenage years.

Despite the challenges, Natalie becomes emancipated at 17, works hard to make ends meet, and eventually builds multiple successful businesses. She also navigates rebuilding her relationship with her mother and finding love and a sense of family with her husband and children in Florida. Throughout her story, Natalie highlights the importance of setting boundaries, asking for help, and the resilience in facing life's adversities. This episode provides a powerful testimony on healing, growth, and the strength found in adversity.

Natalie Guzman became a virtual assistant in 2015 after her job told her she had two days to give birth, and then she would have to return to work. She immediately started her virtual assistant business to make money from home, on her terms. When she decided to turn her side hustle into an agency.

Now Natalie owns multiple businesses including a marketing agency and business consulting firm as well as an all in one software for business to build websites, emails, automations and more while raising her family in southwest Florida. 

Listen in as we talk about:

  • Her life when her mom turned her over to child services
  • What was going through her head when her mom dropped foster care on you out of nowhere
  • Her foster family and emancipation
  • Does she attribute her "what's possible" mindset to your upbringing
  • Life after emancipation
  • Advice for someone whose situation could even remotely resemble this one
  • My tie in to Rising Strong

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