139: I’m Just (On A Short Hiatus)! Now What? With Jessica Stephens


Hey Friend,

This week's episode I'm sharing a podcast update.  We’re going to be on a short hiatus after today for a little while.  It’s my birthday in a few days and normally around this time I do a lot of life reflection and reevaluate many areas of my life. And when I did that, I knew that I couldn’t keep going with the show as it is right now.  It has become unsustainable in its current format. And if you know me, that’s a huge filter for my life.  Is this sustainable? If not, how can I make it sustainable? What’s possible?  How can this be better?    So in order to make the show more sustainable for the long term  we’re hitting pause. This isn’t the end. Just a short hiatus. We’ll be back. I promise. 

Listen in as I share about:

  • Why I’m taking this hiatus right now mid-season
  • What’s happening behind the scenes. 
  • What’s the plan for the show moving forward to make it more sustainable. 
  • Inviting you all to maybe hit pause on something in your life to retool it and make things better. More sustainable for you. 

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