I Just (Became a Podcaster)! Now What? with Jessica and Jennifer Furlong

Hey Friends,

This week, for the last co-hosted episode of 2023, I’m interviewed by Jennifer Furlong about the journey of hosting 'I Just Blank, Now What'. I reflect on the growth and impact of the podcast since its inception and give you a glimpse into the future plans.

We talk about the importance of sustaining the podcast through financial commitment and time investment, while also considering it as a business. I share how hosting different people on the podcast has vastly added to my life, enriching my network and fostering a more understanding and empathetic perspective. The episode also discusses how each listener's engagement, from leaving reviews, subscribing, sharing episodes to becoming a patron, is very significant and appreciated.

Listen in as we talk about:

  • How we know each other and the beginning of our connection
  • The premise behind I Just (Blank)! Now What?
  • My very first day of recording
  • The impact of listeners reaching out
  • Keeping up the long game of continuing to put out more content
  • The balance of the financial impact of having the podcast
  • Two things to remember when taking on any project
  • How podcasting challenges you in new and different ways
  • What is next for the podcast
  • How we pick stories and guests

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