I Just (Became Sober Curious)! Now What? with Tasha Romanelli

Hey Friends,

This week, Tasha Romanelli joins me to talk about her journey from being a workaholic and perfectionist in the advertising industry to a sober curious, grounded spiritualist. She shares her experience with alcohol, from casual office parties to experiencing health issues like gout, eventually leading her to decide to give up alcohol. She talks about the transformational process and positive impacts of her sobriety on her life, relationships, and business.

Tasha Romanelli is a grounded spiritualist who has an immense passion to help raise the energy of the collective. Owner and founder of Raise Your Vibes, a healing and empowerment centre for women. She has built a sacred and safe space for women to heal, be inspired and empowered to unapologetically be themselves.

Tasha has a unique and intuitive approach to her healing and empowerment coaching practices. She is a certified reiki master, meditation teacher certified by the University of Toronto, Mind Magic (r) coach, certified and licensed by The Litt Factor, in training to become a 200hr Sakalya Yoga Teacher and a veteran freelance Creative Art Director for over 20 years.

Her mission today is to show her children that anything is possible, to rewrite her ancestral trauma and LIVE LIFE unapologetically. 

Listen in as we talk about:

  • What’s important to know about Tasha
  • What was going on in her life when she decided not to drink anymore
  • Why we normalize drinking too much
  • What went into her decision of quitting drinking
  • Shifting during pandemic
  • Having her last drink, triggers and vacation drinking
  • The sober-curious movement and options
  • How her kids are responding differently to her being a sober mom
  • How her alcohol free journey has affected other people
  • Finding authenticity in yourself and which version of herself she liked more
  • Her business, who she works with and what she is doing

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