I Just (Donated Blood)! Now What? With Rosalind Corey Clark

Hey Friends, 


This week’s episode is about donating blood, and given this week, June 11-17 is National Blood Donor Week, it's perfect timing!   This episode has inspired me to go and donate, and I hope you consider doing that too!  It’s in you to give! Just like the slogan says! 


My guest Roz is a regular blood donor, a living kidney donor, and on the bone marrow registry. She was recognized at a regional award ceremony for her 100th donation, flown to Ottawa for a weekend of recognition for organizing ~40 workplace group blood donations, and personally donated whole blood 115 times to date.


She lived in Ontario for 24 years before returning to her home province of New Brunswick, Canada where she was born and raised. She has been working for a loyalty currency reward company for almost 17 years, 4 years remotely.


Listen in as we talk about:

  • Who Roz is and what you should know about her
  • Roz’s history of giving blood
  • What her first experiences of giving blood were like
  • Becoming a routine donor
  • How she honours her brother through her donations 
  • Leveraging group donations
  • What you need to know to organize a blood drive
  • Making her 100 donation goal
  • Understanding the different blood types 
  • Words of encouragement for first time donors 
  • Donating a kidney and what her experience was like
  • The process of being a living donor


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