I Just (Feel Burnt Out)! Now What? With Ahuva Hershkop

Hey Friends,

This week Ahuva Hershkop joins me to talk about the hot topic MANY of us have experienced: burnout.

We go into what burnout actually is, how it shows up in our lives, its implications and the strategies that can help alleviate it. Ahuva shares her personal journey from experiencing burnout to becoming a coach for women dealing with similar issues.  We chat about the pressures of societal norms, the power of being curious and introspective, and valuable tips for those affected by burnout.

Ahuva Hershkop is a Toronto based Anti-diet dietitian and  burnout coach for professional women. In her 1:1, group coaching, and corporate partnerships she supports  professional women and the organizations they support, in stepping out of the working mom hustle culture that leads so many women to burnout, so they can start enjoying their days again and making their goals a reality without losing themselves or compromising on their professional aspirations in the process. 

As a working mother who supports professional women Ahuva is well-versed in the specific and unique challenges professional women experience in advancing their careers while navigating their personal responsibilities specifically in a post pandemic, virtual world. She supports clients 1:1 and in her group program the Unapologetic Living Code to step out of the perfectionism, people pleasing and socialization that hold women back so that they can create a life they enjoy living without compromising on their personal or professional goals.


Listen in as we talk about:

  • What’s important to know about Ahuva
  • Understanding burnout
  • The approach of overcoming burnout
  • The impact burnout has on us
  • Strategies for overcoming burnout
  • Shifting from personal recovery to helping others
  • Three tips for dealing with burnout


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