I Just (Found Out I Have Herpes)! Now What? With Bianca Hughes


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This week’s episode with Bianca Hughes is a topic that most people are scared or shy away from talking about, which makes it even more important to highlight. She is sharing about learning that she had an STI (sexually transmitted infection) and how she handles receiving the news and more importantly sharing the news with her past and future partners. 


Bianca Kesha Hughes is setting boundaries and breaking barriers. Known for authenticity and heart-work services, Bianca is the ultimate trailblazer in the mental health and wellness field as a therapist, coach, speaker, and podcast host, inspiring her audience to let go of the illusion of perfectionism. 


Bianca helps women overwhelmed with perfectionism connect to their inner selves to essentially embrace their imperfections and authentically be themselves. Her podcast, "It Didn't Break Me," creates a space for honest and vulnerable conversations. Her guests share their stories on the messy stuff they didn't think they'd come back from yet they are still here.


Listen in as we talk about

  • Being told she might have herpes and not looking into it further 
  • Finally getting it reconfirmed and choosing to not say anything to her partners 
  • The catalyst that made her decide to be honest about it
  • How she brought it up to her friend group
  • The emotions behind telling her first partner
  • Does she wonder where she got herpes from?
  • The mindset work she did to help herself get through her diagnosis 
  • Developing a closer relationship to God
  • Did she find support groups or a community to help her through?
  • How her family reacted 
  • Her tips for releasing a secret and the impact it has on your body

Episode sponsored by Green Gut Glow. 


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