I Just (Got a Concussion)! Now What? With Tiffany Mah


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Have you hit your head really hard and thought you had a concussion?  Well that’s what happened to my guest Tiffany Mah.  She suffered a sports accident and got concussed. Then another one.   Because of those concessions she had to change her whole career path.  Plants helped her heal and became her new passion and business.  


Tiffany Mah, also known as Plant Mahmah, is a Planterior Designer and Houseplant Consultant based out of Toronto, Canada. While recovering from a traumatic brain injury, Tiffany found plant care to be therapeutic and an activity that connected her to her roots. She started posting her plant and healing journey on Instagram. 


This passion project turned into a full fledged business that offers full-service Planterior Design services. Tiffany now helps homeowners and businesses to plantify and thrive in their spaces.


Listen in as we talk about:

  • How she got her first and then second concussion while being a student 
  • Her recovery journey and how plants helped her in the early days of healing 
  • What she needed to do and not to recover.  Dark spaces  and isolation. 
  • The impact of stimuli has long term on brain injuries 
  • The reality of how much life changes when you can’t do the things you love 
  • The range of brain injuries symptoms are wide and vary from person to person 
  • Connecting with nature and plants was therapeutic. Seeing the progress of her plants was so helpful 
  • The draw of going Greenhouses and botanical places in the dead of winter 
  • The Houseplant community on instagram was the place she went to share her new plant mom journey.   
  • Letting go of the career of being an Environmental Engineer to become the Plant Mah Mah without the shame and value in walking away. 
  • How challenging it is to have an invisible illness in society that doesn’t see it.  How invalidating it was to hear “ you look okay”  and needing to hear.  “It’s okay.  You will be okay. Your health is your wealth”  
  • How we take advantage of our “normal days” 
  • What if we all treated everyone with the assumption they have an invisible illness. What would that look like? 

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